Jan 26th, 2009
Frank Levert

Blog Marketing – 20 Free Blog Directories Reviewed

A few months ago I was publishing a list of 55 do-follow social networks along with information on their Page Rank and linking method. Since it has been a fairly popular topic, I thought of doing something similar for blog …

Jan 8th, 2009
Frank Levert

Start-up Guide to SEO Freelance

Posted by Frank Levert in: SEO

Have you ever thought of becoming a professional SEO freelancer? It may sound like the ideal career path for some people but the reality is, competition is fierce and SEO freelancing requires a lot of hard work, organization and discipline. …

Dec 11th, 2008
Frank Levert

10 Common PPC Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Posted by Frank Levert in: Geo-Targeting, PPC

PPC Marketing can be a great way of selling products and services over the Internet if you have the technical and marketing expertise to make it work, but for many companies and small business owners advertising on PPC networks the …

Nov 14th, 2008
Frank Levert

SEO Copywriting Tools and Resources

Posted by Frank Levert in: SEO Tools

When it comes to SEO copywriting, it is important to understand SEO basics such as the effect of headings, bold characters, anchor text and various SEO techniques but as search engines keep improving their algorithm, keyword research, semantics and style …

Nov 3rd, 2008
Frank Levert

Top 10 Free Keyword Tools

Niche keyword targeting has never been so important for companies and individuals looking to improve their search engine rankings. There are many free keyword tools available on the Web that can help you find niche keywords with a good balance …