55 Do-follow Social Networks

Last month I was discussing one-way link building using social bookmarks and mentioned that I would soon publish a list of “do-follow” social networks so here it is…my “Top 55 Do-Follow Social Networks”!

The list was updated today and I personally verified the source code of each social network to make sure there were no rel=”nofollow” tags being used on their links. Note that some networks would only use do-follow links with their most popular articles while other ones would only use do-follow links when showing the full URL of the news source. You will find those in gray at the bottom of the page while there is still an impressive list of 41 “true” do-follow social networks to start with.

Enjoy and please take the time to vote for this if you find it useful.


PR Social Network Do-Follow
9 www.slashdot.org Yes
8 www.2collab.com Yes
8 www.digg.com Yes
7 www.mixx.com Yes
7 www.hugg.com Yes
7 www.folkd.com Yes
7 www.dzone.com Yes
6 www.searchles.com Yes
6 www.bibsonomy.org Yes
6 www.swik.net Yes
6 www.plime.com Yes
5 www.myvmarks.com Yes
5 www.kwoff.com Yes
5 www.jeqq.com Yes
5 www.bringr.com Yes
5 www.web2list.com Yes
5 www.quadriot.com Yes
5 www.unalog.com Yes
5 www.linkatopia.com Yes
4 www.oyax.com Yes
4 www.memestreams.net Yes
4 www.bookmarksync.com Yes
4 www.bmaccess.net Yes
4 www.ausculture.com Yes
4 www.1topix.com Yes
4 www.blogmarks.net Yes
3 www.th3scoop.com Yes
3 www.megite.com Yes
3 www.earthfrisk.com Yes
3 www.contentpop.com Yes
3 www.actualtopics.com Yes
3 www.postonfire.com Yes
2 www.stuffs4u.com Yes
2 www.givealink.org Yes
2 www.dekut.com Yes
2 www.diggdirect.com Yes
2 www.oopza.com Yes
0 www.i89.us Yes
0 www.bookmark-tag.com Yes
0 www.under-link.com Yes
0 mystuff.ask.com Yes
7 www.reddit.com In Main Categories
7 www.spurl.net On Main Page
5 www.mylinkvault.com On Main Page
6 www.sphinn.com 25+ Votes Articles
8 www.stumbleupon.com URL Only
7 www.current.com URL Only
6 www.kaboodle.com URL Only
4 www.urlex.info URL Only
4 www.highvibeit.com URL Only
3 www.wobblog.com URL Only
3 www.plugim.com URL Only
3 www.kez6.com URL Only
2 www.shareddish.com URL Only
0 www.your-bookmark.com URL Only

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Last updated: September 8th, 2008.

Frank Levert

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After attending college in Music Business back in 1998, Frank got his first marketing job broadcasting faxes from home for a Canadian book publisher. While fax marketing was fairly successful at the time, the popularity of the Internet was on the rise and it didn’t take him long before he got involved with SEO.

After much research and experimentation, his efforts paid off and he was asked to perform SEO as a freelancer. From that point on he never looked back, improving his Internet marketing skills while working on various projects in the publishing, pharmaceutical, market research, online gambling and software industries to name a few.

Twelve years later, Frank is now the owner of Levert Marketing, a home based Internet marketing company located in Hamilton, ON.

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