55 Do-follow Social Networks

Last month I was discussing one-way link building using social bookmarks and mentioned that I would soon publish a list of “do-follow” social networks so here it is…my “Top 55 Do-Follow Social Networks”!

The list was updated today and I personally verified the source code of each social network to make sure there were no rel=”nofollow” tags being used on their links. Note that some networks would only use do-follow links with their most popular articles while other ones would only use do-follow links when showing the full URL of the news source. You will find those in gray at the bottom of the page while there is still an impressive list of 41 “true” do-follow social networks to start with.

Enjoy and please take the time to vote for this if you find it useful.


PR Social Network Do-Follow
9 www.slashdot.org Yes
8 www.2collab.com Yes
8 www.digg.com Yes
7 www.mixx.com Yes
7 www.hugg.com Yes
7 www.folkd.com Yes
7 www.dzone.com Yes
6 www.searchles.com Yes
6 www.bibsonomy.org Yes
6 www.swik.net Yes
6 www.plime.com Yes
5 www.myvmarks.com Yes
5 www.kwoff.com Yes
5 www.jeqq.com Yes
5 www.bringr.com Yes
5 www.web2list.com Yes
5 www.quadriot.com Yes
5 www.unalog.com Yes
5 www.linkatopia.com Yes
4 www.oyax.com Yes
4 www.memestreams.net Yes
4 www.bookmarksync.com Yes
4 www.bmaccess.net Yes
4 www.ausculture.com Yes
4 www.1topix.com Yes
4 www.blogmarks.net Yes
3 www.th3scoop.com Yes
3 www.megite.com Yes
3 www.earthfrisk.com Yes
3 www.contentpop.com Yes
3 www.actualtopics.com Yes
3 www.postonfire.com Yes
2 www.stuffs4u.com Yes
2 www.givealink.org Yes
2 www.dekut.com Yes
2 www.diggdirect.com Yes
2 www.oopza.com Yes
0 www.i89.us Yes
0 www.bookmark-tag.com Yes
0 www.under-link.com Yes
0 mystuff.ask.com Yes
7 www.reddit.com In Main Categories
7 www.spurl.net On Main Page
5 www.mylinkvault.com On Main Page
6 www.sphinn.com 25+ Votes Articles
8 www.stumbleupon.com URL Only
7 www.current.com URL Only
6 www.kaboodle.com URL Only
4 www.urlex.info URL Only
4 www.highvibeit.com URL Only
3 www.wobblog.com URL Only
3 www.plugim.com URL Only
3 www.kez6.com URL Only
2 www.shareddish.com URL Only
0 www.your-bookmark.com URL Only

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Last updated: September 8th, 2008.

Frank Levert

About Frank Levert

Born in Montreal (Québec), Frank Levert was first introduced to the Web in the late 90’s.

After attending college in Music Business back in 1998, Frank got his first marketing job broadcasting faxes from home for a Canadian book publisher. While fax marketing was fairly successful at the time, the popularity of the Internet was on the rise and it didn’t take him long before he got involved with SEO.

After much research and experimentation, his efforts paid off and he was asked to perform SEO as a freelancer. From that point on he never looked back, improving his Internet marketing skills while working on various projects in the publishing, pharmaceutical, market research, online gambling and software industries to name a few.

Twelve years later, Frank is now the owner of Levert Marketing, a home based Internet marketing company located in Hamilton, ON.

When not fueling on achieving new business goals or sharing his expertise on his Internet Marketing Blog, Frank enjoys hockey, music and spending time with family and friends.
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11 Responses to 55 Do-follow Social Networks

  1. Sana says:

    Wow, that’s quite a list you’ve got, I’ve favourited it for future use

  2. Tom Pick says:

    Frank – great list! This is definitely a list I’ll use, plus expect this post to show up as a WebMarketCentral “Best of” later this year.

  3. Great list. Thanks for compiling it. I’ll check the to see if any of the networks I use are missing. On a related topic, I’ve been considering removing the nofollow tag from the comments on selected blogs. I notice you have a nofollow on this blog. Any particular reason you can share?

  4. Frank Levert says:


    Thanks for visiting. Hopefully you will find some future posts resourceful too.

    = = = = = = = = = = = =


    Thanks for your comment. I visited your blog and you seem to have great content there as well. It was definitely worth a Stumble.

    = = = = = = = = = = = =

    Bottlecap Napkin

    I’m glad you appreciated. Removing the do-follow tag from your blog might get you into some do-follow directories while helping you increase the amount of comments you get. Despite those potential benefits, I chose to keep the nofollow tag on mine because links left in comments are not always related to my blog and I want to keep some control over what I want to “reward” with a do-follow link. I guess we all have our reasons.

  5. submit and get link back do follow social bookmarking at oopza.com

  6. Chris Lang says:

    I believe Sphinn is only followed for front page articles, that may be 25 or more votes or it may have changed.

    However, one or two bookmarks (votes) don’t do you much good. Also if all you are doing is submitting your own blog posts over and over you have shot yourself in the foot.

    Google figured that one out long ago.

    If you are not going to build profiles on these sites and participate in an ongoing manner, your profiles are wothless in Google’s eyes.

    You are better off to pick one site and participate highly. The bottom line is participation and enjoying using the site. Otherwise it is just social bookmarking spam and Google know spam when it sees it.

    • Frank Levert says:


      I see what you mean and I have my own favorite social networks as well but to be honest, I don’t think Google is down to analyzing user behavior on each social network and I don’t find it too thrilling anyway having the same old people giving me a vote without even caring about my content every time I come up with something new. You might make some friends this way but what about your conversion rate?

  7. Now this is what I would tell my students is a perfect example of a link-bait post. I know I am going to link to it from my blog, just because it is such a tremendous resource.

    One of the things that I tell people is that if you want to be known as a resource for others, you have to be willing to do some research and find something that others don’t want to have to dig through a ton of websites to get.

    Getting a link bait post on your blog is one of the best ways to finally arrive at a point where people think of you as an authority.

    I want to thank you and I plan on telling my students to make use of this when I launch MyBloggingSchool.com in a couple weeks.

    Have an amazing day!

    Micheal Savoie

  8. Great list! By the way, Hugg is closing at the end of the year so you may want to remove it from the list……..

    “As of November 17th, 2008, Hugg no longer accepts new submissions or registrations. Hugg will remain publicly viewable until the end of the year, at which time Hugg.com will be closed. The Hugg.com domain will be directed towards a new feature on the TreeHugger forums where participants will be able to post and comment on interesting green links (coming soon). We welcome you to the thriving community at the TreeHugger forums and hope you’ll join us now to carry on the discussion. Go ahead and poke around on the forums – we think you’ll like it and enjoy conversing with such a diverse group of intelligent, passionate people!”

  9. Frank, thanks very much for such an informative article; obviously a lot of work behind it. Will link to it immediately from my blog… Thanks, again

  10. Frank Levert says:


    To be honest, I don’t write on my blog thinking of link baiting although I try to focus of specific themes that are related to my business and provide useful information that people usually like to bookmark and use as reference.

    = = = = = = = = = = = =


    Thanks for the info. I will take it out next time I update this list of do-follow social networks.

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