Canadian Publications


Canadian Publications is the official publisher of the Canadian Subsidy Directory and other popular publications about loans, grants and government programs available in Canada and the US.


Google optimization is known to be a very cost-effective lead generation marketing practice since Google is the #1 search engine on the Web today. The challenge was to build and optimize a website for Canadian Publications so they could get prominent Google rankings for some of their selected terms.


After going through a list of keywords that were related to Canadian Publications and its products, keyword suggestion tools were used to find related terms that could be added to the list.

Following that, a keyword analysis was performed in order to identify the keywords that could bring the most visitors to the website while having the least amount of competitors to go against.

Once this crucial part taken care of, a website that Canadian Publications was very pleased with was built and Google optimization was performed throughout the whole website using proven SEO copywriting techniques to make sure it would be crawled properly by Googlebot, the Google search engine spider.

As a result of this Google optimization project,Canadian Publications’ website was quickly indexed by Google for niche keywords such as "canada grants", "canada books" and "canadian business grants". Thanks to its new website and Levert Marketing's Google optimization services, Canadian Publications had more leads coming in and sales were increased proportionally.

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