Bruce County


Bruce County is located in Ontario's Bruce Peninsula, a very popular travel destination in Canada.


Use PPC marketing to help increase travel package requests and registrations to the Adventure Passport micro-site.


The first step to this PPC marketing campaign was to perform an in-depth keyword analysis in order to identify a group of keywords with high potential, along with long tail keywords that it was thought could bring additional but yet valuable traffic to the Bruce County website.

Following the initial analysis, keywords were organized by theme and assigned to a campaign targeting specific North American regions.

Text ads that were all relevant to the group of keywords they belonged to were then wrote and Bruce County did a great job creating beautiful landing pages that were also relevant to their keywords.

For a period of 3 months, the campaign was monitored and managed in a way to keep the overall Cost-Per-Click (CPC) as low as possible so Bruce County could take full advantage of its marketing dollar while optimizing conversions.

To this date, the 5th annual "Explore the Bruce Adventure Passport" has been the biggest year yet...

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