Levert Marketing a Leader in Social Media Marketing and Link Building

September 20th – Hamilton, Ontario – Levert Marketing is proud to announce that it has been selected as one of the top canadian social media marketing and link building companies by topseos.com, an independant authority on search vendors.

According to topseos.com, selected social media marketing companies go through a rigorous evaluation process to determine the quality of their work. This process includes 5 key areas:

  1. Trend Awareness
    How well the social media marketing company understands current online social trends and if there are any new trends that the company has taken advantage of, that competitors do not yet recognize.
  2. Brand Management
    The ability of the company to maintain a consistent message between a client’s website and social media profiles.
  3. Consultation
    How often the company meets with clients to provide them with updates, reports and recommendations.
  4. Methodology
    The process by which social media marketing companies work within social networks.
  5. Reach
    The ability to provide clients with the maximum possible reach and matching them to the most appropriate audiences.

As for the selected link building companies, topseos.com looks at the following 5 key areas:

  1. Assessment
    How well link building companies determine the link quality of the client’s website.
  2. Identification
    The company’s ability to identify websites that can provide quality and relevant inbound links to their clients.
  3. Analysis
    Evaluates the analysis process of a link building company and its ability to target markets that are relevant to their clients.
  4. Acquisition
    The ability of the company to provide their clients with the best ROI through the selection of link building channels.
  5. Reporting
    Evaluates the ability of a link building company to provide their clients with valuable recommendations and reports.

For these selections, Levert Marketing would like to thank its valuable clients. Being recognized as a leader in the internet marketing industry would not be possible without them.

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