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Levert Marketing provides affordable SEO and search engine marketing services to companies, organizations and individuals that are looking to increase their website traffic and improve their online lead generation process.

Thanks to his experience and extensive knowledge of SEO techniques, tools, CMS systems and search engine algorithms, SEO specialist Frank Levert has proven his value by helping clients reach prominent search engine rankings with both high competitive and niche keywords.

By being located in the greater Toronto area, Levert Marketing represents a valuable choice for targeting Canada and the United States as search engines keep putting efforts into the improvement of their local search results. Levert Marketing has also been developing Joomla driven websites since 2004, making the company a serious provider of Joomla SEO services.

The SEO Process

Besides the knowledge of website SEO techniques, proper search engine positioning requires an in-depth knowledge of the competition, search volume of selected keywords, industry related websites, directories and search engine demographics. Once having that information and a strategy aiming at targeting the right channels, geographic locations and keywords, it is crucial to perform a website analysis in order to determine what kind of website SEO should take place. This could involve the optimization of website content, structure, meta tags and many other areas that are known to affect SEO results. Once a website is fully optimized for search engines comes a crucial part of any SEO strategy; spreading the word and keeping website SEO content fresh!

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