When it comes to SEO copywriting, it is important to understand SEO basics such as the effect of headings, bold characters, anchor text and various SEO techniques but as search engines keep improving their algorithm, keyword research, semantics and style have become more important than ever for the SEO professional.

Online competition is now so strong that old-fashioned “on-page” SEO techniques are not enough. Link building is an important part of the optimization puzzle but well written content can help you highlight niche keywords with a good ratio of traffic potential vs. competition and make the difference between high search engine rankings and web pages lost in the crowd.

Once on your website, not only your visitors (and search engines) are looking for good and unique content but your vocabulary, style and use of semantics can play a big role in having them coming back.

A few days ago I published a list of my top 10 free keyword tools. Today, I will focus on free online SEO copywriting tools and resources that can help you write content with more style and vocabulary.

Readability Test

The Readability Test from Juicy Studio is a nice little tool for analyzing the readability of your content and making sure your visitors understand your language.


Find rhyming words online with Rhymer, a free rhyming dictionary from WriteExpress.

Google Docs

Google Docs is a free Web-based word processor and spreadsheet including a U.S. English dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopaedia.

Farlex Encyclopedia

The Farlex Encyclopedia is great tool for finding acronyms. Simply search for a term and it will return a fully detailed page about your term and its corresponding acronym.


Find synonyms with this great free online thesaurus.

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