Adlib Software

Industry: Software

Type: Full time employee

Role: Web Developer / Inbound Marketing Specialist / Graphic Designer

Period: 2007-2008

I worked for Adlib Software back in 2007-08 as a web developer and online marketing specialist.

During my time there with the marketing team, I managed their pay-per-click account, which had a budget of $20,000+/month. Initially, the company was spending more money on ads than it was making in profit. Within a few months, I helped turned their ROI around.

I was also in charge of maintaining the website and newsletter, which involved search engine optimization, web development, web analytics, graphic design and copywriting. Frequently, I would help the marketing team with competitive research and reporting.


PPC Management & Web Development for Adlib

Required Skills

  • Online Advertising 90%
  • Search Engine Optimization 90%
  • Web Development 80%
  • Graphic Design 75%
  • Email Marketing 90%
  • Web Analytics 80%

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