Industry: Digital Agency

Type: Full time employee

Role: Web Developer / SEO / Inbound Marketing Specialist

Period: 2009-2018

I worked 9 years as a web developer and inbound marketing specialist for Human_Code, a local digital agency.

During my time there, I managed over a dozen SEO/SEM accounts on a monthly basis and allowed the agency to qualify for the Google Partners program as I was their only Google qualified professional. From my early days with the agency, I contributed to the creation and growth of the inbound marketing program the company is now offering to its clients. In my role, I also helped develop and update several websites, inbound marketing campaigns, multimedia presentations, visuals and content.


Required Skills

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 90%
  • Online Advertising 90%
  • Technical Support 70%
  • Web Development 80%
  • Web Analytics 80%
  • Email Marketing 90%
  • Copywriting 70%
  • Graphic Design 75%
  • Social Media Marketing 70%
  • Account Management 70%
  • Multimedia Presentations 70%
  • Translation 85%
  • Sound Editing 90%

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