Industry: Software

Type: Freelance

Role: Web Development / Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Period: 2008-2010

Oasis had a new website to launch and it had to be optimized for search engines. An initial assessment was done and I provided them with recommendations.

The first step was to install and configure an SEO plugin to this Joomla based website so it could be optimized properly. After fully optimizing the website for targeted keywords and setting up tracking codes and goals for Google Analytics, the site was launched successfully. I then began the second phase of the project which consisted of a link building campaign and creating social media profiles.

Joomla SEO for Oasis

Required Skills

  • Search Engine Optimization 90%
  • Web Development 80%
  • Graphic Design 75%
  • Social Media Marketing 70%
  • Web Analytics 80%
  • Account Management 70%

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